Marketing Online Stores On a Shoestring

Not every start-up business has hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on marketing, but that does not mean to say that there is nothing that you can do. There are actually a huge number of free marketing ideas that you can try out which might just make your small start-up the next Amazon.

Building a Social Presence

Once your store is up and running and ready to take your first order, the most important thing to do is attract new customers. It is essential these days to have a range of different social network sites which you update with interesting, engaging content on a weekly basis. I’m not just talking about Facebook and Twitter, you also should be looking at Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and countless other sites which can help to attract visitors to your main website. The key is not to be too salesy, as continually posting about your own products is a huge turn of for people.

Post things that people might actually want to see such as news stories related to your industry, funny memes and opinions. The important thing is to find your own voice and connect with potential customers. Every now and again you can slip in a post about your latest special offer or promotion, but keep it to a minimum.

Paid Search Adverts

Ranking number one on google for your keywords can be a long drawn out process, so before you get there you might want to consider putting a small budget aside for paid adverts on search engines. The price for these type of adverts varies dramatically depending upon the industry that you are in. For example, if you are selling life insurance you could expect to pay a hefty sum, however if you are selling Japanese board games, you might find it fairly affordable. The key here is to monitor what you are doing very closely to make sure that you are getting a goof return for your money, or you might find that you have spent a fortune with nothing in return. Check out this article to see the most expensive key words on Google.

Spreading The World

One great tip for finding a relevant audience for your products is to find online forums and communities that are already established and have an interest in what you are selling. For example, if you are selling fishing tackle, there will be a huge number of sites dedicated to the subject which you could sign up to. Once you have identified these site, make sure that you become part of the community and help people out as much as you can to gain trust. As with the social network site, just just go blazing in there and advertise yourself. The idea is to make new friends which you can point towards your website when and only when it seems appropriate.




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