Tricks Top Retailers Use To Increase Sales

One of the best ways to improve your sales process has always been to take a close look at what your competitors are doing. This works in any industry, but it is particularly effective within the world of online commerce.

How Good Is Your Shopping Cart?

The first thing to look at is the shopping cart as this is where sales can be easily lost die to poor website design. If there are problems, it is also something which is very quick and easy to fix. The main things that you want to be looking for are speed (how long it takes an average customer to check out), style (how attractive to the customer the design is) and security. These days security is extremely important, as Google have stated that they give priority to sites which have https protocol enabled. In order to test a competitors shopping cart for speed, it is a good idea to act as though you are a customer and carry make a purchase. You can always stop short of actually making payment, although buying a cheap item is a very good way to take note of the entire process. When it comes to the design, it is time to use your own personal judgement and decide whether or not your cart stands up against your competitors. If it doesn’t, its time to make improvements.

Check out this post about the best shopping carts on the market.

How Informative Is Your ‘About Us’ Page?

If you don’t have an ‘about us’ page, stop what you are doing and make one right now. If a customer has never heard of your brand before, chances are that this is the first thing that they will be looking for, and if you don’t have one they will move on as quickly as they came. Also make sure that there is plenty of content on this page. Simply saying the year when you were founded and listing an email address is simply not enough. Why not add pictures of your staff, a brief history, your company message or other things that you think customers would like to learn? After all if someone has clicked to read you ‘about us’ page that that is exactly what they want to know about; you.

This guide goes more into how to create a good ‘about us’ page.

How Thorough Is Your Shipping & Returns Page

When people shop online, they are unable to see the physical products that they are paying for, so you need to compensate for this. Customers need to be confident that they have not committed to something that they can’t get out of if the products that they buy do not turn out to be suitable. Don’t make your website visitors have to hunt high and low all over to find the basic information about returns and shipping that they want. There is nothing more frustrating and the last thing that you want to do if annoy potential customers by wasting their time.

Here is another handy guide to creating a good shipping and returns page.

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