Quick Tips For Better Retail Success

If you run a business, whether online or offline and you are looking for some good ideas to increase your sales turnover, here are a few ideas which may seem very obvious,  but chances are you might just have overlooked them.

Whatever business you are in, the starting point is your location. When people walk into your restaurant, coffee shop, clothes store or any other type of business they have an experience. What happens next is they will either return, they will refer you or they will never come back again. A few years ago, people would simply wander away and maybe tell a couple of people about their experience with your business, or not some back and you would never know the difference. Nowadays, their experience will be compounded due to social media and  review websites.

If your customers have a bad experience with you, it is highly likely that everyone in their circle of friends will get to find out about it from a simple Facebook or Twitter status update. If you are a business, you have got to be aware of the fact that whatever people experience when they come into your place, whether it’s good or bad, will reverberate and have implications for you.

So what can you do?

Firstly, give your customers a uniquely positive experience, meaning it is completely different from what they expect and what they get from other people. The easiest way to do this is to actually care. Train your staff to be as friendly and authentic as possible. Although this may seem very obvious, the truth is that most staff couldn’t care less about the service provide and it is a very negative experience when you go into a lot of places.

Secondly, deliver what you promise. it doesn’t matter how friendly you are if you promise something which you don’t deliver, then the customer is not going to be happy.

Thirdly, make sure that you always ask for feedback. Businesses fail to ask for feed back because they either don’t care, or they are afraid about what they will be told. However, the good thing about bad feedback is that you can rectify it if you care about it. A lot of people will forgive you if you ask for feedback and take action on it when it it required. If you apologies to disgruntled customers and explain why their experience was poor, people are likely to be more forgiving.

Finally, you need to create future engagement. In other words, after you have asked for feed back, give them a card with your social media sites listed. Asking customers to leave comments is a great way to nurture further engagement. If potential customers are browsing the internet and they see that your profiles have a lot of positive comments, likes and shares, then they are more likely to consider using your services themselves.

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